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Even after the passage of more than a decade since the enactment of the new income tax act and introduction of VAT legislation, much is yet to be done in this aspect of law from both the regulators and the taxpayers. The tax laws are highly punitive in nature. A non-compliance that now seems trivial might have severe consequence on business at a later date. The Government is more of revenue centric and coming with new plans and policies to tighten any loops and minimize the non-compliance. In absence of coherent and consistence policy in implementation of tax laws, businesses are exposed to the risk of being imposed high tax and duties.

Ample knowledge of tax legislations, regulatory guidelines and familiarity with local taxation issues are essential to avoid tax inefficiency and sanctions. Pioneer Law is equipped with such expertise as it has dedicated team with considerable knowledge and experience in this area of law to provide complete service to clients from across the globe, operating in a variety of sectors.

Our services at Pioneer Law range from registration with tax authorities, to tax advisory in day to day operations, and corporate deals, and handling tax disputes Pioneer Law regularly assists our clients in obtaining Permanent Account Number, Tax Exemption Certificates, Tax Clearance Certificates, Tax Residency Certificate and similar certification from tax authorities.