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Titles come with responsibilities

DATE : 2017-06-10

With the crown and title come responsibilities. Our readers put their hopes in our Miss Nepal(s) to empower women and youth, and to be engaged in social work to uplift the underprivileged and marginalised to help bring about a change in society and the country. They also expect the Queens to present Nepal and her rich culture and beauty in the best way possible on the international arena.
It is true that different doors would open for a beauty pageant winner and she has more opportunities to explore. But beyond that I don’t see anything special that we would have to expect from them. For them, it is a huge competition and a chance to make a mark in the ambitious world. Although I respect their intelligence and beauties, there is nothing they would do for the public; former Miss Worlds are examples.
In our country, as the winners of the beauty pageants, they get a chance to become celebrities but they forget about others. I don’t know why. They might be respecting an old trend. So personally, I think participating in a competition is just for gaining popularity rather than doing some important work for society and for the nation. So, I expect nothing from them. If there is anything to learn and expect, we can do so from Dhurmus and Suntali (Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire) who are just actors but they are building the country.